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Writer's Block... Urrrrrrgggggg!

Originally posted April 10, 2017

As I sit on my bed to determine what will be my next blog post frustration starts to consume me. How is it that I am literally staring at a blank screen? The constant blinking of the cursor suddenly has a loud pulsating sound. I'm racking my brain, looking, searching, appealing to my senses trying to find something to write. SOMETHING has to come out of me and onto this screen. At this point anything would do. Lets write about a dog.... wait I don't own a dog. What about a house... that's it! A dream house.. yes that's it. Let's imagine a home I've always desired to chillax in one day? One of those topics would do.... right? WRONG!

Don't miss your moment sitting on the bench thinking about your next great blog. You literally blog at least 7 times a day through the interactions and relationships you encounter, you just don't realize it! You blog each time you give a friend sound advice. Anytime you feel that the conversation would hold value to not just your life, anyone who would read it. There a great blog in there! You can share the information that you gave your friend, or you can elaborate on the topic.

I now keep a journal on me at all times. If I have a great conversation, was given great advice, or I gave awesome advice I now write it down. I'm not saying write the entire blog as you are out. But you can write the cliff notes version. My journal is riddled with bullet points that I later use to formulate my blogs.

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