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Questions to ask yourself prior to hiring a Virtual Assistant

So often, as business owners, we need assistance for our dreams to flourish. We desire assistance however we are not sure who, where, or how to seek help. I certainly do not have all the answers, however I have created a questionnaire to consider prior to hiring your next contractor.

What task or project do I need completed?

Do I have the ability to break down the tasks into specific yet distinct steps?

Can I clearly express my needs?

Will the task take longer than 3-4 hours?

Although I can perform a task, do I realistically have time to complete the task?

How often will I need a virtual assistant?

Is this project a onetime venture or will I need ongoing support?

Have I assessed my budget?

Cost efficiency does not always equate to quality of work. How much will it cost you to prepare and train your staff. A V.A. could perform the task effectively and efficiently.

Do I require constant contact with my virtual assistant?

​If you require your VA to be in constant contact with you, consider a virtual assist within a time zone that overlaps at least four hours with yours.

If you are comfortable with email communication, then consider a VA with a time zone overlap of at least one hour. (Just in case, you ever need to have a Zoom call)

Do I have reasonable expectations of my virtual assistant?

Sometimes we tend to think that our assistants are miracle workers. Some are… but realistically if I have 10 items that need completed do I inform the VA as soon as I find out, or wait until 24 hours prior to due date to inform the VA? Keep in mind that the success of your business relationship will solely rest on how effective you choose to communicate. You can speak to your V.A. a million times a day, however if you are not effectively communicating your needs then it's idle communication. (Quality... not Quantity)

What is my personality type?

It may sound funny however knowing your personality type is essential when working closely with a contractor. (Not just a V.A.) The contractor's goal should be to compliment you, your vision and your brand. Ideally the exchange should be smooth with clear concise communication at the core. Consider knowing and understanding your personality type. There are multiple free tests online, however I recommend

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