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Power of a Positive Mind

Originally posted Feb 6, 2017

Consider all the magnificent places your business could dwell without limitations. Unlock the door of possibility, walk through the hallway of inspiration, have a seat on the bench of creativity, then stand on the edge of your destiny. Take the hinges off the locked closet door of negativity and kindly escort him beyond the threshold of the front door. Your business, your future, your destiny and your MIND have no capacity for negativity. Your mind is the best asset available to you. The way you perceive the success of your business will have a direct impact on how your business will thrive. Why waste time focusing on matters that negatively impact your success?

Do not allow temporary situations the opportunity to unpack, settle in and take up permanent residency within your mind. I once read that the difference between those that succeed and those that do not have nothing to do with the amount of times they have failed. Your success has everything to do with your perception of the events. Every business has been in a position where a single decision could make or break them. It is during these decisions that you must maintain a positive mindset. You must only allow the mindset of positivist to infect you. Surround yourself with positive forward moving people. This is very important. Have you ever been in a room with a Negative Nancy? Although the air she consumes appears small in nature, eventually her negativity travels throughout the room. Figure out who the supportive people are in your life and lean on them when you need to. This was a very important lesson for me. There was a point in my life where I would feel so excited and I wanted to share my excitement with everyone. I had to learn that not everyone contained enough positive energy to share in my joy.

Life is a journey. Remember to relax and experience the lessons along the way. Take time for yourself.

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