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Online Customer Service

Originally posted Nov 8, 2015

What does the phrase Customer Service mean to you? It is a very intricate piece of a complex sales puzzle as a business owner. Have you considered your online presence? What does your website say to your clients? Your website speaks directly to your client's overall customer service experience. As a consumer, a website has seconds to captivate me. This is the equivalent of walking through the mall. Let's imagine that you were standing in front of two stores. Store one is an all-white display with the store name. The other store is full of color that advertises what's inside. Which store would you choose to go inside of? Store One would have my attention for about 5 seconds. Most clients choose a particular store based on their customer service experience. For a website, your online presence is your online customer service experience. How you market and present yourself speaks volumes to a potential client.

One of Luvensmilez PBC's services is business website review for client usability. Below are the six categories I review and the reasons why I believe that you should pay extra attention to them when creating your online customer service experience:

1. Above the Fold

  • This is very important when designing your website home or landing page. Above the fold refers to everything that can be seen without scrolling up or down once the loads. This section will rate how your potential user will respond to information that you provide "above the fold."

2. Homepage

  • Your website homepage is how you will introduce your company and product to the world. Your homepage should be captivating and eye-catching.

3. Page Layout

  • The layout of your webpage will determine the ease of use. If the design is not user-friendly, it may be difficult for your target audience to understand the purpose of your website.


  • It is imperative to keep the user engaged. One of the easiest ways to lose a customer's interest is to have them get lost in navigation. To a consumer, it can become frustrating and discouraging.

5. Language

  • Language barriers such as grammatical errors or misplaced punctuation can significantly affect how a potential customer will view your website. This section will review potential language barriers.

6. Multimedia Elements

  • Creatively using audio and visual aids can significantly increase the likelihood of having the user stick around and explore your website a bit further.

our website speaks directly to your clients. What does yours say about your business?

Kesha is a grateful mother of 1 friend, daughter, humanitarian, and human resource machine! Kesha loves being around positive, uplifting people striving to obtain their goals. Always ready and positioned to inspire, dream and assist with making dreams a reality. Using the vehicle of LuvenSmilez Professional Business Consulting, Kesha has helped countless small business owners, independent contractors, and solo entrepreneurs. She has taken the role of Virtual Administrative Assistant, Voice Talent for corporate projects, and Business Consultant.

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