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How to Get Your Products Into Retail Stores in 2023

A large, vibrant display, hanging above well-stocked shelves of products showcasing a variety of designs and packaging options. This visual could be used to attract attention and demonstrate your ability to provide quality retail-ready items

It's the start of a new year, so it's time to get serious about taking your product from concept to reality. This is a daunting task for any entrepreneur, but it can be especially challenging if you're looking to get your product onto store shelves. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to make this happen. Let's look at two of the most popular paths entrepreneurs take to get their products into retail stores in 2023.

Research the types of stores that would be the best fit for your product

Researching the best types of stores to market your product is an important part of ensuring success. It’s essential to consider the type of customers in the store, their level of purchasing power, customer service preferences, and other factors. It's a balancing act between knowing who will most likely purchase your product and finding a retailer that can provide an excellent platform for showcasing your products. Consider if this retailer already carries similar items and if there is sufficient foot traffic for successful sales. These considerations will help you select the ideal retail partner for maximum success.

Find out what each store's requirements are for stocking new products.

If you're looking to expand your store’s inventory of products, the first step is to find out each store's requirements for stocking new items. Depending on the store type and the items you hope to stock, different stores may have different availability criteria, minimum purchase order restrictions, or even payment policies and terms that must be met. Researching each store's requirements for stocking new items will help ensure a smooth transition when introducing these new products into your inventory. Furthermore, taking the time to identify stores with guidelines that align best with your plans can positively affect how profitable your product launch is!

RangeMe Marketplace

RangeMe is an online marketplace designed for entrepreneurs who want to get their products into stores. It functions as a platform that connects suppliers with buyers from major retailers like Walmart, Target, and CVS Pharmacy. With RangeMe, you can create an account, upload your product information, and submit it for review by retailers interested in carrying your item. This is an excellent option for those who don't have the time or resources to reach out directly to individual store owners or who may not know where to begin in terms of getting their products noticed.

Talk To Store Owners Directly

Another option is to reach out directly to local store owners in your area who might be interested in stocking your products. This route takes more effort than using RangeMe, as you'll need to research and reach out on your behalf. However, it can pay off big—local stores tend to have loyal customers eager for new products they haven't seen before! In addition, building relationships with local store owners allow you to establish yourself as a reliable supplier and gain valuable feedback about how customers interact with your product(s).

Create a professional and eye-catching product display to send to stores

Creating an eye-catching product display to send to stores can be a great way to attract potential customers. An effective product display should have bright, vibrant colors that draw a person’s attention and illustrations or explanations about the product that ensure customers understand its purpose and value. Additionally, it is important to ensure the product display is professional and easily readable. Professionalism can be achieved by ensuring all words are spelled correctly and fonts are appropriate for the business’ brand. Ensuring the readability of a product display includes utilizing short sentences when possible and avoiding unnecessary jargon or long descriptions. Ultimately, creating an effective and professional product display will give store visitors the best experience possible while also increasing sales.

Make sure your packaging is up to par and meets all retail standards.

A retailer must ensure that your products' packaging meets all standards. Not only is this important for aesthetic purposes, but it also helps ensure that your products make it safely to their destination. Utilizing strong and durable materials will help minimize potential damage in transit. Utilize clear and concise labels that include all pertinent product information and handling instructions. If applicable, include safety warnings or other necessary notices as well. With a well-designed package that meets stringent retail standards, customers will be more likely to purchase your items and be satisfied with their decision after receiving their package in the mail.

Stay in contact with store managers and representatives, following up periodically.

Staying in contact with store managers and representatives is a critical tool for success in the business world. By checking in regularly, you'll create stronger relationships, increase the likelihood of reaching mutual goals, and remain updated with their current services, offerings, and promotions. Noting their successes and thanking them when they reach out are two simple yet powerful ways to begin forming a rapport that can grow into something much more than a business connection - often, beneficial partnerships in which everyone wins. For those looking to go above and beyond for their career or business development needs, staying connected to store managers and representatives is an often overlooked yet potent tactic – indispensable for success!

Be flexible with your price point and be willing to negotiate terms.

Being flexible with your price point and being willing to negotiate terms is an essential component of success for any business dealing. Especially for small businesses, it’s key to adapt and accommodate customers in terms of pricing or other deliverables associated with a product or service. This can open up opportunities that may have been overlooked, as customers have different needs and varying budgets. Understanding these needs can often result in creative solutions for reaching mutually beneficial agreements that address your customers' wants and needs while still ensuring you receive fair value. By being willing to think outside the box, working patiently through negotiations where necessary, and setting realistic expectations at the outset, you can ensure both parties walk away happy.

To get your product on store shelves, you must research which stores best fit your item. Once you have a target list of stores, find their requirements for stocking new products. Create a professional display that will make your product stand out and meet all retail standards. Follow up with store representatives periodically to ensure that there is interest in your product and that it is still being stocked. Be willing to negotiate terms to get started selling in brick-and-mortar stores. Following these steps will increase your chances of getting picked up by big-name retailers.


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